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Quality Management

Thinking back 10 years, the subject of quality assurance has gained an enormous amount of significance in our industry. For us, quality was always more than just a necessity. Quality was and is a part of our corporate philosophy and the foundation for our success that is based on trust – in line with our slogan “Trust bears fruit.”

Our goal is to deliver fruits and vegetables with optimal product quality. For us, optimal means being able to fulfill all consumer requirements as well as those of our customers and the lawmakers:

  1. Goods that are healthy, safe, fresh, tasty and pleasing to the eye.
  2. Goods that can easily be handled and are non-perishable.
  3. Goods that meet the requirements of our customers regarding maximum residual levels, additives, labeling, exterior quality and packaging materials, etc.

Our philosophy is to actively intervene before and during the production and to not even let problems surface in the first place. For these activities, we have assembled a competent team that for many years has been cooperating with a great deal of commitment and expertise with our producers.

Stolper Qualitätsberatung GmbH

We believe that important items for a successful quality assurance are:

  • Careful selection of the producers
  • Close contact and exchange with local partners, if possible in their native language
  • Regular on-site visits
  • Providing advice in the selection of brands, pesticides
  • Residual levels analysis in select labs, before harvesting and for control purposes in the target country