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Trust bears fruit

“Trust bears fruit” – the main idea of our corporate philosophy embodies experience, responsibility, seriousness and lots of trust. Trust that we have worked hard for and earned during over 90 years of working with quality fruits and vegetables.

KÖLLA was founded in 1921 by Jean Jaques KÖLLA and Jon Scharplaz in Bern, Switzerland as Kolonialwaren Handelsgesellschaft, and today it has evolved into a globally operating full-service provider. From contract farming to quality assurance and logistics and through to the marketing of fruits and vegetables, the company was able to establish itself successfully and to continuously develop its expertise.

As a partner, we support our quality growers in their efforts to cultivate premium quality fruits and vegetables for our customers.

We see it as our obligation to provide our customers with an adequate, year-round supply of the best available fruits and vegetables from all production locations in the world.

Professionalism and long-term experience, dealing with employees, growers and our customers in a responsible manner, as well as seriousness and financial independence are the pillars of our success.

The foundation is created by our more than 140 highly motivated and qualified employees who service customers in the European food industry and the traditional import business from nine branch offices located in 8 countries.