Our quality assurance approach is very comprehensive and goes far beyond the specific requirements of some certifications. In order to document this, we have received the following certifications in the past few years:

ISO 9.001 und ISO 22.000

iso9001-iso22000   iqnet
Whereas ISO 9.001 mainly includes organizational questions which pertain to the company itself and its organizational structures, ISO 22.000 is targeted at foodstuffs safety. Aside from the HACCP plan, the agreements between KÖLLA and its partners – in other words the suppliers and carriers – are specifically controlled as are the internal control system in order to ensure the safety of the foodstuffs.

Bern, Dusseldorf, Munich, Valencia (Alinda)

Quality and Safety, QS


The QS system is a tiered and company-independent quality assurance system for the manufacturing, processing and marketing of foodstuffs. Created in 2001 for meat and meat products, it was expanded in 2004 to include fruits, vegetables and potatoes.

Dusseldorf, Valencia

Bio and BioSuisse

bio bio-swiss

The creation and marketing of ecologically grown fruit and vegetables is subject to strict regulation in both the EU as well as in Switzerland. Trading with these products requires a certification. For BioSuisse, a special form of monitoring and authorization is required.
EU-Bio: Dusseldorf and Valencia
BioSuisse: Bern
EU-Bio: Dusseldorf: Organic certification body: DE-ÖKO-013
EU-Bio: Valencia: Organic certification body: ES-ECO-020-CV 

CH-Bio: Bern: Organic certification body: CH-Bio-006

IFS Broker

IFS Logistics

IFS Logistics marks the joint objective of trade and industry to create transparency and trust across the entire supply chain. This IFS standard, specifically developed for storage, distribution, and transportation, as well as loading and unloading activities, is able to be implemented in environments managing both food and non-food products.


The focus of the standards outline a clearly regulated corporate responsibility, a well-engineered quality management system with HACCP analysis and specification characteristics, a tried-and-tested resource management, the assessment of service processes as well as the assessments, analyses and improvements of all processes. This enables us to work at the highest possible level and offers our customers a maximum level of product security through ongoing process optimization.

Dusseldorf, Munich, Bern

For us, this is a matter of course in order to continuously live up to our slogan “Trust bears fruit” in the best possible manner.